10 most intimidating venues in the world

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It might not be the best place to watch a college basketball game, but just being inside is an experience in itself.Opened: 1989Capacity: 14,759 MSU keeps its giant basketball arena true to the students, with their section making up a large portion of the bowl of seats closest to the court.But remember, there's also that UConn women's team that plays there, and draws the same always-noisy, high-energy crowd as the guys, making this a great atmosphere to watch either team.

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Opened: 1972Capacity: 17,472 Back when Bobby Knight was throwing 7-year-old-like tantrums and tossing chairs across the court, there wasn't a bad seat in this 17,000-seat palace to witness it.But add in the outdoor concourse that's perfect for sunny California afternoons, split-level vertical seating and CPK for a halftime snack, and you'll see why this is one of the best venues in the Pac-347.Opened: 1998Capacity: 17,230 If we were ranking college hockey arenas, well, 14 people would read this article. 1 spot on the list would DEFINITELY belong to the Kohl Center, the modern, pro-size arena Badger basketball shares with the hockey team.Which is pretty awesome, but it's still watching basketball in a football stadium, which isn't even fun if you're watching the Final Four, much less a February home game against Florida State.Opened: 2004Capacity: 6,000 After shedding the "underdog" label, the Zags built a new facility in 2004 that still keeps the small, loud, intense college hoops atmosphere expected of a school with an enrollment of 7,700, but boasts modern amenities like comfortable seats and concession stands with panini sandwiches and Japanese rice bowls.

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