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However, there are some who don’t agree with the homosexual scene but still see me as their friend.

Definitely we don’t have specific gay bars in Fiji but yeah we do have mixed bars and people visit them regardless of their sexual orientation. Being brought up all my life in Suva city, I really don’t see any problems with being gay in the city and Fiji has never experienced violence against homosexuals.

I can see how many people in Fiji or incoming tourists may become scared of this. 1) Fiji is the second country in the world that has ratified the UN convention against any form of discrimination toward sexual orientation. 2) Fiji also had a right to privacy act whereby people can practice any form of sexual act as far as it’s not within the domain or the public sphere.

But there is no longer any need for people to be scared about this. Now, I am sure people may ask why then the two guys as stated above were taken into custody in the first place.

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I see lots of gay tourists coming here for holidays and holding hands and are still welcome by our people. For example, I am living in Suva with my Australian boyfriend here.

I have friends who have partners here in Fiji and are open about their relationships and being gay is accepted by lots of people here in Fiji. I am a local Indian guy and we don’t experience any form of discrimination in our lives—and we have organized lots of gay parties.

The writer has only talked about village life and church members that are stereotypes which are not entirely true. I hope from this that homosexuals or anybody wanting to visit Fiji should be all right.

(The 2001 murders of Scott and Scrivener, well known gays here, were notorious but it was not just because they were gay.) [see story 3 below] However, in the small village areas here I would advise visitors to be cautious due to cultural sensitivity.

Fijian villages are very conservative and respected places therefore I believe it is fair to show mutual respect to village beliefs and traditions. I believe people have expressed their concerns whereby the homosexual Australian and Fijian (mentioned before) were taken into custody in 2005.

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