25 acp colt dating number pistol serial

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As he approached a state of civilization, a happy condition he has yet to fully achieve, man became a gregarious creature.But the welcomed proximity of his fellow non-enemies has not completely obviated man’s need for a personal, self defense weapon.Limited production of sporting arms was also begun, but the capacity of the large FN plant was not being fully utilized; therefore, FN turned to the manufacture of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and ammunition.The opportunity to resume increased arms production in an almost new factory equipped for that purpose, and the obvious superiority of Browning’s .32 caliber handgun over any other then in existence, delighted FN’s management.

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It is a wry commentary on the much-touted “Yankee Ingenuity” and the burgeoning U. arms industry of the 1890’s that three great American inventors of automatic weapons found it necessary to travel to Europe to find a market for their inventions. Browning, all of whom made major contributions to automatic weapons design and the technology of their mass production, could not at first gain acceptance of their ideas in the United States.Pierre, Miquelon, Mexico, Central America (including the Panama Canal Zone) and the Antilles in the West Indies.These rights included all sales to governments, institutions, dealers and individuals.Colt and FN were allowed to compete for sales in England and Ireland, with FN to pay a license fee of 1.5 Belgian francs to Colt for every pistol sold there during the life of the applicable patent.Browning’s original Model 1896 military .32 caliber model was modified slightly by FN technicians to facilitate production and was designated the “Modele 1899 Browning.” Several thousands of the 1899 and the smaller version, which came to be called the Model 1900, were produced for Belgian Army trials in 1900.

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