35 rules of dating site dating for mariage

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Sadly, a person you have dated and then rejected isn’t available to you any longer later on.

Among your pool of people, there’s at least one you’d rate highest.

Before we start, here’s a picture of the end result.

It shows the values of on the horizontal axis and the best value of , the one that maximises the probability of ending up with X, on the vertical axis.

came out, essentially warning women that the only surefire way to land a guy was to fasten your chastity belt, shut up, and wait for him to pursue you. Among the 35 rules were grave warnings: "Don't Talk to a Man First (and Don't Ask Him to Dance)," "Don't Talk Too Much", and "Don't Live with a Man." Basically, authors Sherrie Schneider and Ellen Fein stopped just short of suggesting your dad offer your fiancé a dowry of 40 goats and 20 cows.

Despite these antiquated , we Cosmo girls survived the past 17 years freely opening our mouths, hitting on guys, living with them, asking them to dance, and—gasp–having sex (earmuffs, Sherrie and Ellen: Sometimes on the first date! Lucky for us, , enlightening us on how (not) to date in light of texting, sexting, Facebook, Match, and JDate!

These percentages are nowhere near 37, but as you crank up the value of , they get closer to the magic number.Hint: The rules are exactly the same, just apply them to your i Phone.Instead of "Don't Talk to a Man," make like a delicate flower and don't Facebook, text, tweet, or even consider hitting up that manly man via dating site.For twenty potential partners () you should choose , which is 35% of . For a hundred potential partners () you should choose (that’s obviously 37% of ) and for (an admittedly unrealistic) 1000 () you should choose , which is 36.8% of .Here's the plot of the best value of against again, confirming the 37% rule.

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