A dating relationship

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I'm really starting to resent her, and it creates a vicious circle.

I don't want kids with her or talk about relocating (something she wants) as long as she casually screams divorce every month. To be clear, when we fight, I'm always very calm.

*edited for miscount Hi Reddit, I live in a share house with 4 other people, I’ve been living here now for 3 years.

On top of that, he is is spiteful of apps like Venmo because he feels that asking for money is beneath him, like suggesting people pay for their meal is crude and lacks class, while in reality this is the norm.

I called him out in public and I feel so guilty over it, but not sure how to rectify my behavior in a way he will understand as he comes from a significantly wealthier background.

What to do to get through to him, and also make things right?

While he is a wonderful person who I feel strongly about spending the rest of my life with, I fear his financial ego and the judgement that would no doubt be put on me by his family if I asked for a prenup.

To the point: tonight at dinner, I called him out in front of a group of close friends for trying to pick up the check (total of 5* people, so about 0 minus tip). He tried to valiantly grab it when everyone had their cards out, including me, and everyone fought him a little but faltered because the other downside of this is people frequently use him and he doesn’t see it, and I snapped at him to stop policing the check and let people pay their share. I vowed to never bring it up in public again, but hours later he’s still cold.

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