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" I'm the asian girl that's appeared in a few ineedamommy videos (always as the 2nd girl, extra girl. DO NOT EMAIL ME IF: - You're wanting a femdom or dominatrix session with diapers thrown in.NOT Dragonlily or Tia Ling) through the years since I made the site in 2008. - You're not ABDL or have diaper dominant fantasies.As the owner & webmaster of Adult Baby Girl & I Need a Mommy I fully understand ABDL needs.Why pay up to 3x more for a "dominatrix" or escort that thinks "diapers are weird?It is amazing how many pages a precocious young writer can finish once her red bottom has been taped into a puffy adult diaper. If you just lie down, I will get it switched for a nice puffy disposable diaper with tapes. Cyber Patrol | Safesurf | Net Nanny | Cyber Sitter Copyright © 2001 - 2019 Clips4Sale® All Rights Reserved.

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There is one other thing we need to do before we finish diapering you. _________________ As an agent for writers, you have to know when your clients need to be coddled and when they need a firm hand.

This little diaper girl will do whatever it takes to earn Daddy's dick. A little special Mommy juice is all it takes to drain the willfulness out of you so I can remake you into the feminized diaper doll I desire.

Embarrassing pink diapers and sissified snap-crotch onesies are much more pleasing to me than the shoddy men's clothes you wore to our meeting.

I do feel a little embarrassed being diapered but I am way too horny to really care. _________________ There is something very frustrating about so called "submissive" men who promise to obey my every command but only offer hesitation and excuses when things get real.

Even when you insist that I have to wet my diaper before I get fucked. Luckily, I know how to deal with fussy babies who are too scared to properly serve Me.

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