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Some quick tips on how to start a conversation on the bus : a.

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Essentially, you can wait in line for food while chatting with girls and then sit with them after.You can be in the bus shelter and just start a conversation or sit next to her on the bus and make jokes about what she may be listening to on her phone.This is a bit of a trickier situation, however, as people tend to like to mind their own businesses on public transit, however, if you know how to start a conversation properly and flirt, you can get the girl very attracted just by the mere fact that you have the guts to talk to her.A very funny wingman I had would tell me that if he didn`t get a girl from the club or bar, go to plan b, the streets, and then if that didn`t work, plan c, Mc Donalds.This place is awesome to meet girls, and you can make jokes about hamburgers and throw fries playfully at the girl you are flirting with.

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