Aol mail not updating on iphone

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Okay, so then I downloaded the AOL app, went through basic setup, same email, same password, and it also works fine! At this point I just removed the "Mail" icon from the first page of my Home Screen and replaced it with the App I just downloaded. So I just did the latest i OS update to see if that would help, and it doesn't. But when I click on Account it shows my email address, name, and password. But it just shows the same information, and my password is greyed out, and cannot be edited. Under that, and also greyed out, is "Use SSL" which is set to on (green) and cannot be changed. So make sure you uncheck double secu Ok after dealing with this for 7 weeks it finally dawned on me. So at this point, while I have AOL mail on my phone, both with the newly downloaded App as well as with a Safari Browser window, I would LOVE to know why the stock "Mail" app no longer works, and why my phone's "Settings" keeps spitting back an error message even though the password and email address work everywhere else but there. Click the down arrow for create a new application and choose IOS mail and the device is whatever device u r using (ie: i Phone, i Pad etc). And then under that, it says "Authentication" and to the right it says "Password" but that is greyed out so I cannot go into there. When u go into settings for ur AOL account under account security there is a 2 step log in process. Go to Settings, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and tap the email app that you use. Next, add your email account to your i Phone again and see if the issue has gone away.System updates made to the AOL mobile app on April 16, 2018 requires that the app be updated to version 5.2 or later to continue to work. You won't lose your email or contacts if you don't update the app, however, you won't be able to access your stuff on the AOL app.Older versions of the app will not allow you to sign in. To get access to your information, just go to the AOL site on your mobile browser.i OS 9.3 or later is required to download the update. Enter "AOL" in the search bar and tap Search on your keyboard.3. You may have had some experience about getting messages about not being able to reset or even disconnecting the i Phone during various phases of an update process.

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If you select Fetch, you will have to select the receiving mail schedule, and it may be on every 15 minutes, every half an hour, or every hour. Launch Settings, select Cellular and tap Cellular Data. For many users, this simple step solved the problem, and emails will be pushed again. It also works for i Phone emails not being pushed, as it’s reported by many users.Your i Phone becomes the lifeline of your communications and interactions with the whole world.It is highly frustrating when the email function collapses and mail won't update inbox in i Phone. I tried everything you mentioned, plus the most recent 2 suggestions to either turn on or off AOL's 2-step authentication. They have to give Apple the correct server settings to build into the i Phone which Apple does, but then those companies have to make it work properly. Tried calling AOL support and they didn't know anything. Input your name and username but instead of your own password paste on the one you copy from safari. All of these companies that trade services and email users are getting everything all messed up.

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