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" The artistic dating Goths Kent & Vyxsin completed their mosaic first, but they misread the clue of how to perform their dance. " As Kent & Vyxsin danced in a circle around their mosaic with the kids, best friends Zev & Justin, mother and son Margie & Luke, and father and son Mel & Mike all danced directly on top of their mosaic earning the next clue instructing them to drive back to Broken Hill and find the Home of the Magpies.Instead of dancing on top of their work of art, the dating Goths danced around it, enlisting the help of the young Aboriginal dancers. Teams had to figure out this would take them to the Central Football Club.Ron told Christina, "You got this all screwed up." CATCHING UP As Ron & Christina finally figured out the proper placement of their rocks in the mosaic and danced for their clue, Amanda & Kris began the Natural World side of the Detour to complete the automatic U-Turn.The engaged couple placed stencils on a slab of stone, got a large mouthful of paint, and spit it onto rock.Feeling their lead slipping away, the two teams paired up with father and daughter Ron & Christina to finally figure out they needed to find Sydney Town Hall.The three teams settled for the second charter flight leaving thirty minutes later with Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy.In Spirit World, teams had to use traditional materials to create an Aboriginal ground mosaic that matched an example.

While Ron began reverting to old bad habits when he snapped at daughter Christina, Mel winced in pain from a cramp as the grueling first leg took its toll on the 70-year old racer.

Mike later commented, "It sure feels like the race is more difficult this time." After boarding a ferry from Shelly Beach back to Sydney, Mel collapsed in his seat while Mike helplessly looked on in tears.

Mike told his dad, "You pushed yourself so hard today and I just don't want to kill you for some joyride." Slowly recovering, Mel calmed his upset son, responding, "I'll be responsible for my decision." Meanwhile, after stopping at an information desk and searching online, sisters Kisha & Jen and best friends Zev & Justin quickly determined they needed to find Sydney Town Hall.

The three teams all opted to construct the ground mosaic of Spirit World and began to gather the rocks and materials just as the next three teams arrived at the desert.

With Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, and Kent & Vyxsin also choosing Spirit World, six teams took handfuls of white chalk and black and red rocks from giant piles and began to fill in their mosaic trying to replicate the example mosaic where young Aboriginal children danced.

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