Asp net validating multiple groups updating vga bios

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However, due to possible complexity of the validation rules we decided not to use standard the Spring.

NET configuration schema for validator definitions but to instead provide a more specific and easier to use custom configuration schema for validation.

The problem is described in this post, basically it can be summarized in “you have a user control with validators, you put more than one instance of the user control in a page, all validators are fired together”The above post already gives a solution, but is not a general one.

I want to avoid the need to go into the user control and tweak with validators, so I came up with this little solution The function Assign Validation Group accepts a Control, then it iterates recursively into inner controls, and for each control that descends from Base Validator, it assign a group name based on the id of the root control.

Making use of Requirement and Handlers available on ASP. In this case, we are using windows authentication and AD groups to authorize user access, but, it can be easily other kind of authorization to fulfill your needs.

You can check the full example at github:

asp net validating multiple groups-34

asp net validating multiple groups-11

The Submit Button has been assigned a j Query Click event handler.view=aspnetcore-2.2#requirements view=aspnetcore-2.2 #JQuery Validation Groups for Web Forms A plug-in that takes the pain out of using JQuery validation with ASP. Enables "validation groups" using JQuery Validation plugin with ASP. You have more than one AD group that should access to the same resource on your application.Different users belong to different AD groups and all this users need access to the named resource.

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