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Chandler III, made it clear that backdating is illegal and that corporate boards need to act swiftly to rectify the wrong doing.

What surprised many was his further discussion on “spring loading”.

Apple has been the most high profile company to be embroiled in the scandal.

If, for example, the compensation committee approves awards at a.m. This return was 20 times higher than the annualized returns for the company's stock during the same five-year period.

on a given day, should "market price" be the closing sales price on the prior day, the current day, some average of closing prices over a period, or a weighted average and, if so, over what period? The plaintiff-stockholder sued the company's directors derivatively.

In his decision, Chancellor Chandler stated, “It is difficult to conceive of an instance, consistent with the concept of loyalty and good faith, in which a fiduciary may declare that an option is granted a “market rate” and simultaneously withhold that both the fiduciary and the recipient knew at the time that those options would quickly be worth much more”.

This puts a spotlight on compensation committees that determine executive compensation and their own compensation as directors.

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