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Both spirituality and religion have similarities and have 4 basic components: belief in a reality greater than the individual, desire to connect with the greater reality, promotion of rituals for that connection, and an expectation of particular behaviors (moral or not), that reflect that connection.

Here are its top ten sites over the past 20 years: 1.

If it qualifies, please let me know (Click CONTACT above). My Hope & Humor site didn’t make the top ten—sigh—but has been around since 1997 and is in the top 1 percent of all websites according to Similar

In addition, members will be able to enjoy spiritual content including expert relationship and dating advice through Yahoo! in 1997 and has quickly grown to become one of the leading and most popular online dating services available.

Personals, along with the support needed to seek out and build strong relationships. The service offers a large, dynamic dating scene where users can search for, meet and communicate with a variety of people. About Beliefnet Beliefnet is the largest spirituality online community, attracting more than 3.1 million unique visitors per month according to Media Metrix (August 2006).

"We believe a great spiritual dating site would offer a large community of daters, excellent search and matching tools, and superlative content about spiritual relationships," said Anna Zornosa, vice president and general manager for Yahoo! "Our partnership with Beliefnet will give us the opportunity to provide all three elements to customers seeking spiritual chemistry. More than 9 million people subscribe to Beliefnet's daily email newsletters, accounting for more than 16.5 million subscriptions.

The new dating site is a perfect example of how we are focused on enhancing the thriving community that Yahoo! is committed to its members' security and privacy. Some of Beliefnet's major content areas include Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam; however, the company is independent and not affiliated with a particular religion or spiritual movement. is a privately held company funded by employees, individual investors, Softbank Capital and Blue Chip Venture Company.

An employer does not have to provide the exact accommodation the employee or job applicant wants.(First parenthesis is last year’s ranking, second parenthesis is international ranking among the almost 1 billion websites worldwide.) Lots of changes this year, but Bible Gateway has continued to dominate for as long as I’ve been tracking numbers. This list does not constitute endorsements of these sites: “We report, you discern.” 1. The phenomenon possibly started to emerge as a result of a new Romantic movement that began in the 1960s, whereas the relationship between the two has been remotely linked to William James' definition of religious experience, which he defines as the "feelings, acts and experiences of individual their solitude, so far as they apprehend themselves to stand in relation to whatever they may consider the divine." Owen Thomas also states that the ambiguity and lack of structure present in Romantic movements are also present within spiritual movements.By current estimates, more than 4, assistive technologies have been designed for students and teachers.

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