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reference = null; // "reference" now point to null.

// But "other Reference" still point to the "real" object so this print 1 too...

When you attempt to execute one object method, the reference asks the living object to execute that method.

But if the reference is referencing NULL (nothing, zero, void, nada) then there is no way the method gets executed.

The functionalities of business modules stays remains there to be constant but frequent updates also are in live with people desires.

As if it can’t predicted by humans, it can be easily executed by travel clone script.

Only one variable to change and the colours can be changed via a css stylesheet. An online Admin area is included where you can delete entries, add badwords and ban IP addresses.

A null pointer is literally not pointing If you tried to debug the problem and still don't have a solution, you can post a question for more help, but make sure to include what you've tried so far.The shoutbox is an iframe element, and the script operates using javascript and stores the messages in a My SQL database. When the new message is displayed, the shoutbox is scrolled down so that the new message comes into view. The Pro Shoutbox is a chat-like feature that allow people to quickly leave messages on your website. The Pro Shoutbox can be integrated with any content management system or installed as a standalone unit Webfroot Shoutbox allows users to post little blurbs on your website like a small guestbook/chat box/tag board. A working administratable demo and list of other shoutbox sites available at the website.Every business requires the form of modernize and time to time furnish to move up their business rank in the money-making market.SCAND mobile development team built an online secure chat app to let the students within a campus discuss any private topic remaining unnamed..A user leaves his/her email address to get further steps of the registration process.

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