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"The future holds more people on dating apps."Kevin Teman, the founder of AIMM, a voice-activated dating app, said that online dating is here to stay."That's one of the reasons that dating apps have become so lackadaisical in their efforts because there is so much demand," Teman said.AIMM launched last year and is being tested in Denver with about a thousand users."You will be talking to an AI voice mixed with a human representation," Teman said."So there's a human also talking with you as well."AIMM sets up your dates, preps you before the first date, gives you advice, and checks in with both people to see how it went.And it even recommends whether you should continue to date or move on to someone else. So you will be seeing a lot more artificial intelligence in matchmaking.

in the United Kingdom launched Lara, an artificial intelligence dating coach available on Google Home smart speakers and some Android devices.The Cove Dating App (#meetinthecove) officially launched at Wrigley Mansion on June 22nd with an event called Love and Puppies.The Cove Dating App launch party event helps local Phoenix pet charity, Almost There Foster Care.According to the company, this is an all-expenses-paid opportunity to see the world and make new friends.Bumble will hire just one individual who is capable of navigating the nuances of dating, has the ability to find and make new friends, and can network throughout the world.

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