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Two theories exist attributing origin of expression to 1965 when U. Paraguayan soldiers had bowl or mushroom haircuts and people found them odd.S., and South and Central American forces occupied the D. Second theory is that American soldiers used natives for errands and they would come up to the fences surrounding their compound and GI's would call them Party-watchers.(France) A European colonist in Algeria, who had to return to France in 1962, or simply a dark-featured Frenchman.Ah Jengs usually don't know what Ah Jeng means until being told.(Hong Kong). The word "Bun" is derived from Fei-Lut-Bun (Philippines) and "Lo" means a male.The proper name is Fei-Lut-Bun-Naam-Yan (Filipino man) but it is seldom used. Used by Ashkenazi Jews and integrated Israelis to ridicule the preservation of the pharyngeal (guttural) pronunciations of Hebrew consonants ח ħêth and ע ‘áyin by Mizrahi Jewish (mostly Yemenite) immigrants(Used in Indian & Pakistani) Used in the subcontinent to describe a person of Oriental (Chinese, Japanese etc.) origin.Residents of Mexico City consider the term's use by an outsider derogatory, but they use the term among themselves as a mark of pride.(Latin America) half-breed(United States)a. a Southwest: a lower-class Mexican or person of Mexican ancestry(Mexico) Gangster(Latin America) Peruvian person(Peru & Bolivia) a Quechua Indian who moves to the city.Can also mean stupid or naive; not always a pejorative term, unless used in an offensive manner.(Southern Cone) an Indian.(Iran) (also spelled Dehaati) a Persian word used to describe people (in a derogatory manner) who live in villages and small towns in rural areas.

It also refers to the characteristic Spanish accent of people from the Venezuelan/Colombian Andes, or may be used in a derogative way to refer to someone that acts stupid.(Hong Kong and South China) A White man. Gweilo is loosely translated as "foreign devil."[7] Once a mark of xenophobia, the word was promoted by Maoists and is now in general informal usage.[8](Japan) Lit.It is almost synonymous with the American term "Hillbilly".(Japan) Written with a character meaning "dirt," refers to members of the lowest class of the Japanese caste system, holding occupations such as butchers, leather workers, and other jobs considered to be "unclean." More properly referred to as Burakumin.(Arabs) term for a foreigner, especially a disliked or distrusted one.Word was used as the name of a despicable alien race in Star Trek, the Ferengi.S.‎(Punjab, Pakistan) Used for natives of city of Gujrat (Punjab, Pakistan) by other Punjabi-Pakistanis.Literally means Shoe Thief but ‎figuratively means Wife Kidnapper.

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