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In the dim moonlight all I could see was the pleasant shape of her ass and naked back, her pussy hidden by the shadows.

With erection in hand I searched around blindly until the tip was able to find her sopping wet pussy.

Her jet black hair draped gracefully across the pillow and I softly kissed the back of her head.

And before she could react I'd slid the thin strap of her panties to the side and pressed a finger into the moist folds of her pussy.

She gasped loudly as my middle finger slipped easily into her tunnel all the way to the knuckle, and then I pulled my hand back so that my wet fingertips could start rubbing at her clit.

So I continued down and found the next door, cracked open just enough to allow a sliver of moonlight to peer through.

I peeked inside to see the feminine room, lit only by the moon and decorated in soft purples, which was Christina's favorite color.

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