Book about dating athletes

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My safety with athletes is I know they’re not gonna beat me or stalk me. I feel like if dudes could be with Victoria’s Secret models, that’s how I look at athletes.

Are you more comfortable with athletes or everyday guys? I’ve made my own money and I know when I meet someone I can say, "Here’s what I’m bringing to the table." Now we have a mutually beneficial relationship where no one feels slighted.

My fear that I accept is that no one can ever be serious with me because of being Lisa Ann. You’re always insecure wondering when the ball is gonna drop. You don’t just hand it to them, you hand it to their family.

If possible, maybe I’ll have a relationship with someone one day.

The first time will be short because they’re so excited. There can be overnight trades where three of your dudes are on the same team.

I got to connect with the head PR guy at the NBA and I missed the deadline for credentials by like one day. I was at the game and there were three players from Orlando that I had to put on the back burner because there was a trade where one was already there and two more came in. They noticed that I’m not interacting and they’re all looking at me.

But these are also the most fit specimens in the world. There was a scenario where I was in Toronto to meet with a player for the first time. And I’m like, "Yup."They all hit me later on that night.

I think it’s great that you know that." He’s a very well known player and we talk. They just continuously hustle and when the guy doesn’t want to do it anymore, then the girls get mad.

Now, a player reached out to me last year and said, "I know you don’t mess with married guys but I still want to talk to you." I was like, "Alright. So they see these guys as a vehicle to get those things. I’ve never had an athlete be inappropriate with me.

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