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However, smartphones are definitely supported; you can get the app on your i OS or Android device.area of the app is the easiest way to find trending live and upcoming broadcasts. Like the others have said, yes it does help especially when you're new to use a webcam because it helps make the streaming more personal and feel less like just straight gameplay. :) I was torn about this 1 year ago when I first started streaming and I asked some of my friends for advice on this and I'll give the same words I got.Right before you go live, you can choose to share your live stream on your social media sites to get even more viewers.

So it depends on if you want your focus more on yourself, or the game you are playing.Ultimately, do what makes it most enjoyable for you.If you don't dig the hot head-splitting studio lights needed for a cam and the pressure of constantly being "on" visually for hours and hours and hours at a time, by all means, go camless.The great thing about these apps is that you don't need any special camera add-ons or microphones installed to use them.They work just fine with your regular phone camera and mic, which is really useful considering that desktop computers and laptops that want to deliver something similar in HD have to use a dedicated webcam and external microphone.

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