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The tool also allows new data sources and RRAs to be added. [home] [demo] BBStatus is an IP accounting and a SNMP and IP monitoring tool for Linux (for now).

It uses RRDTool (RRDs PERL module) to display traffic statistics and data gathered by SNMP.

Templates let you create uniformly styled graphs without repeating yourself over and over. [home] drraw is a simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool that allows you to interactively build graphs of your own design.

A graph definition can be turned into a template which may be applied to many Round Robin Database files. [home] [demo] Weathermap is a network visualisation tool, to take data you already have and show you an overview of your network in map form.

It includes an extension which uses the configuration files to poll an SNMP agent and stores the results in the related RRD. [home] The visual editing features of the RRD Editor allow you to easily modify the contents of an RRD.

Once an RRD is loaded into the Editor you can quickly locate a specific data point to modify or an entire Round Robin Archive can be removed.

At this time, it monitors from the CPU load and temperatures to the users on the system.Its aim is collection, and then presentation in graphic form, of data, to aid in monitoring of a Linux machine. [home] [demo] LPAR CPU statistics and documentation tool for IBM Power systems servers (p Series & i Series) The tool is capable to produce historical CPU utilization graphs of LPARs and shared CPU usage.It also collects complete physical (HW) and logical configuration of all managed systems and their lpars and all changes in their state and configuration ...Runs a simple single NS to very complex (views, hidden master, secondary only, ASP features) multiple NS set server clusters.Current svn version has optional dashboard and per zone rrdtool graphs and the needed rrd named.stats data collection interface. [home] [demo] NAV has been developed since 1999 to monitor large campus networks.

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