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Contact your doctor if you aren’t sure or if the symptoms persist. We’re all familiar with those red, itchy bumps that often appear after a bug bite.When kids get these mild reactions, Children’s Benadryl can reduce some of the swelling and itching.Snoop in any smart mom’s medicine cabinet and you’ll find a bottle of diphenhydramine—better known by its brand name, Benadryl.There’s regular Benadryl, and then there’s Children’s Benadryl, which is made with a lower-strength formula specifically for kids.

To be extra cautious, call your pediatrician to double-check your dosage and timing.“It’s good for relieving the itchiness that accompanies hay fever and eczema,” Swanson says.If a rash isn’t itchy and you aren’t seeing other concerning symptoms, it may disappear by itself without the need for medicine. To help treat insect bites and stings, Burgert says.• Make sure you’re using only one diphenhydramine product at a time.In other words, if you’re giving her a liquid dose, hold off on giving her a chewable tablet as well or using the topical version on her skin.

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