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Stop obsessing over what you don’t remember or replaying an intensely awkward interaction over and over again.

Your night of embarrassment is over, and it’s time to move on. That’ll stop you from wallowing in manky bedsheets and your own shame all day. You haven’t done anything truly awful (well, let’s hope).

They likely think that you really believe what you said (in vino veritas, and all that) or stand behind what you did.

You need to make it clear that you didn’t mean it, and offer a genuine apology for any distress you’ve caused.

If someone booked you a cab home, propped you up while you fumbled with your keys, gave you water when you were telling them to p*ss off, or carried you home when your legs were too wobbly to walk, please offer them true, genuine thanks.

They didn’t have to do that, they helped you out massively, and you owe them some gratitude.

Message your friends if you’re having trouble remembering exactly what went down and ask them to tell you exactly what you did – full disclosure, nothing held back.

Okay, so you were a bit of an idiot after drinking too much. As long as you’ve apologised, fixed any physical damage, and thanked people who helped you, you don’t need to beat yourself up for getting a little more hammered than intended.

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Your phone can also be a handy way to track your movements from the night before – from your card payment for a kebab to your surge priced Uber trip home. You’re going to have to confront an embarrassing night head on and be upfront.

If your wasted self said something cruel or offensive to a bunch of people you care about, you threw up on someone’s sofa, or you did anything else that you’d be ashamed of if you’d done it sober, don’t just sweep it under the vommed-on rug and think that if you don’t bring it up, everyone will just forget what you did.

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