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When you open the door you are taken aback by my presence. No..n…n.we haven’t you kind of stutter as you say that. Well I have been watching you and have made plans for us today.I made sure that your wife was off to work so we would have the whole day. Well, “J”, it is simple, and I grab your robe at your chest and pull you down to me and plant a big kiss on you, I want you to please me. I don’t care, that is why I waited until your wife left. And your robe separated at the bottom revealing your hard member sticking straight up.

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However, you can’t stop there because that would be a total tease.You are such a fucking hetero fag, you party on the weekends getting a little molly and a hotel room since your married and you could never let her find out.You just like to throw down and get loose for awhile and I get that.Some have been around a long time and we wish to allow them to keep visiting.So, new clients and guests just visiting will be in our main chat room that everyone knows and loves.

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