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Examination of norms is "scattered across disciplines and research traditions, with no clear consensus on how the term should be used." Everyday there are new rules put into place, as well as old rules that are more structured whether it be for a group or an individual.Yet, not only do humans make rules, they strive on finding the rules that come eye to eye about how the world works.Individuals can import idiosyncrasy credits from another group; childhood movie stars, for example, who enroll in college, may experience more leeway in adopting school norms than other incoming freshmen.Finally, leaders or individuals in other high-status positions may begin with more credits and be appear to be "above the rules" at times.In a group, individuals may all import different histories or scripts about appropriate behaviors; common experience over time will lead the group to define as a whole its take on the right action, usually with the integration of several members' schemas.

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Once firmly established, a norm becomes a part of the group's operational structure and hence more difficult to change.These dimensions can be used in normative messages to alter norms (and subsequently alter behaviors).A message can target the former dimension by describing high levels of voter turnout in order to encourage more turnout.Even their idiosyncrasy credits are not bottomless, however; while held to a more lenient standard than the average member, leaders may still face group rejection if their disobedience becomes too extreme.Deviance also causes multiple emotions one experiences when going against a norm.

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