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We’ve even included some questions that should happen every time you have a date.

Be sure to keep your conversations uplifting, positive, encouraging and affirming.

well, you get the idea.) What makes these famous teams inspiring to you? • What are some positive goals we can set for our marriage over the next six months? • What is one thing we can do together to achieve your top goal?

• Is there a specific area you feel God wants us to work on together, as a team, to make our marriage the best it can be?

(The idea of a date-night conversation isn’t to criticize your spouse in the areas where he or she is falling short.

If you feel that you need to improve some of the dynamics in the marriage, save that discussion for another time.) Instead, the goal is to affirm what your spouse has done or is doing right, to exchange ideas and to offer helpful suggestions for the future.

• What is your favorite meal that I make and what is special about it?

• What has been your most positive spiritual experience during our marriage?

• How do you think cooking together improved our teamwork?• What do I do that is the biggest turn-on for you? • What is your favorite tradition that we’ve started?• What has been your favorite house or place we’ve lived and why?• What are some ways I can show you I’m interested in you and want to know you better? • In what ways is having a same-sex best friend similar to having me as your best friend? • What qualities do you see as essential in a friend?• How would you share your testimony with me if I were a new acquaintance? • How can we work to forge stronger bonds of friendship in our marriage?

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