Christian parenting teens dating iphone speed dating commercial

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That was the question one AGW follower recently asked us on Twitter.While I don’t have teenagers (my kids are still younger), I do remember being rebellious teenager myself.What can Christian parents do to prepare their kids for dating? One of the best ways to prepare your teen for dating is to give them a good model of what a biblical marriage should look like.More communication is done informally than formally. All of these things give your teens something to emulate when they are ready to be in a serious relationship.Before we can get to the practical steps, we have to remember the overarching truth all parents are called to.Parents are certainly called to help shape behavior, keep their teenagers safe, and make sure they are staying in line.Parents need to be aware of this fact and model a Godly relationship to their children. Be willing to admit when you’ve wronged each other. Once they see what a relationship should look like, you can help them find the type of person for which they should be looking.The first and foremost thing is that a Christian man or woman looks for a Christian spouse.

The tension and the fear of the unknown are enough to make some start to hyperventilate.

This is challenging as a parent because they really haven’t earned the right to have this kind of freedom and they will probably mess it up because of their immaturity.

So you will have to pray about how you can give them more choices with consequences rather than rules with punishment. They need to learn to feel the weight of choosing not to work and then not having gas money.

Aside from that Song of Solomon gives some helpful advice on what we should be looking for in a spouse.

Song of Solomon 1:3-4 gives 4 attributes that the woman uses to praise her man.

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