Christina hendricks dating boyfriend

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Christina Hendricks is known as one of the most sought after actresses after she started appearing in the TV show called “Mad Men” where she portrays the character of Joan.

Although she is one of the most desirable actresses in the entertainment industry, her heart belongs to Geoffrey Arend who is known not only as Christina Hendricks boyfriend but also her husband.

“It’s been so much fun to see characters like Tinker Bell and Captain Hook and find out what they were like before Peter Pan comes along,” she reveals.“This has been like a dream job for me.

I have so many doors open to me – it’s such an exciting time and a whole new chapter in my career is just beginning.”First though, Christina is looking forward to spending more time at home with her husband (another gift from Mad Men, since the couple were introduced by Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Peter).“I can’t wait,” she says.

“Over the last few years I’ve been working on other things between seasons, so we haven’t had as much time together as we’d have liked.

Married since 2009 to actor Geoffrey Arend, the redhead has resisted all Hollywood’s attempts to slim her down."Asked about this, she says: “Sure, I would love to lose 10lbs – what woman wouldn’t?

” But she doesn’t do it – much to the relief of her huge fanbase, who like her exactly the way she is.“I have faced rejection in this business because of my appearance but that has only made me stronger and more determined,” she reveals.“That’s one characteristic that I share with Joan, although in other ways we are very different people.

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