Consolidating school districts in michigan

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For example, those earlier scholars found that consolidations saved 8 percent in overall "operating" costs, defined as everything except capital outlays.However, in the MSU report this overall savings rate is applied to a more specific "operations and maintenance" category.Even if one believes that districts would save money through consolidation, the conclusion that they could save 2 million is wildly exaggerated.The report, authored by MSU's Education Policy Center senior scholar Sharif M.Instead, most of the 10 counties for which it calculated savings contain large urban districts, including Kent, Washtenaw, Muskegon, Saginaw, Kalamazoo and Genesee.

Imbrunone, is one of six high schools in Michigan selected to perform at the 40th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival Labor Day weekend. The team of students won seven medals and received the Rising Star trophy in the K-5 division for the highest overall finishing position as compared to last year's tournament. WCS students were honored at the Festival of the Arts awards ceremony on May 6 at the Sterling Heights Senior Center.

Students had the opportunity to observe cultural presentations, sample various cultural cuisine, enjoy entertainment, plus much more.

The required Annual Education Reports are available for public viewing.

Melanie Maxwell | Ann Editor's note: A research integrity committee at MSU has found professor Sharif Shakrani guilty of "academic misconduct'' for plagiarizing several paragraphs of information in the study this story is based on.

The finding was based on Shakrani's use of background information without attribution and did not affect the conclusions of his study. Being true to our schools comes with a price - and it runs in the millions of dollars.

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