Counseling for dating

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Option 1: The Relationship-Builder Intensive Best fit: For couples feeling disconnected, discouraged, or stuck in chronic problems, but who desire a stronger relationship.

Goals: Address perpetual problems or irreconcilable differences, increase hope, and improve connection.

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From personal problems to specialized issues such as careers, education, physical or emotional health, marriage and relationships, sexual behavior, or drug and alcohol addiction counseling.

Another responds that three months might be a bit soon: "Maybe after 6–9 months, it would be okay if you're in a fairly serious, fast-paced relationship, though." Writes another: "My boyfriend and I went to counseling as our first date! Michael Broder has worked with couples for more than 35 years, and sees therapy as an increasingly common and acceptable option for those in their late 20s and early 30s.

Are you and your partner facing some significant issues in your relationship? Does it feel like if you don’t get some help quickly it will be too late?

For many couples, spending two-three months in counseling while they are dealing with hurt and betrayal in the relationship seems hopeless and overwhelming.

Goals include de-escalation, restoring safety, navigating “what to tell the children” during this process, and helping the couple define their future path.

Option 3: The Clarity Intensive Best fit: For couples where one or both individuals are heavily considering divorce or ending the relationship.

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