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Through countless conversations with people from all walks of life, Jerry observed that Hollywood has brainwashed people into what “being attractive” should look like.

But why should so many people be overlooked just because they are a few pounds overweight?

Curves was started so that you will be accepted just the way you are.

At Curves you’ll find real photos of real people looking for real, meaningful relationships.

Now, nothing against Curves Connect — except for the terrible commercial and Geo Cities-looking website — or folks like myself who have some meat on the bones, but this is definitely not an ad you want on your most-watched baseball game aired all season.

Maybe late night/early morning, but definitely not primetime for your only playoff game, and for a company and commercial that most people have never heard of or seen before. Apparently MLB’s audience skews very single (as I type this, another Farmers Only ad is airing).

The account has been around for more than a year, but only has eight tweets.

Our site is inspired by the tens of millions of Americans who don’t happen to look like Hollywood celebrities.

There are many stereotypes for anyone who is not skinny. Curves is a dating site for anyone who self-identifies as curvy, plus-size, or having a few extra pounds or curves, and anyone who doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

Thanks to the interwebs, new slang goes around the world like viral videos of Lindsay Lohan dancing for her life in Mykonos. Receiving an “Oh sorry I just saw this” reply a day late? If the thumbs up or shaka emoji were a person, it’d be a curver.

Don’t start crying or anything, but if you feel comfortable enough, share with her something that’s revealing (and not something that will scare her off).

Share with her, open up and show her your vulnerable side.

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