Dangers of dating the boss Adult sex pic and chat

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Stop and ask yourself: If he wasn't your boss, would you still be attracted to him?

Are the excitement and passion based on the fact that although he has control over your life and career, you feel like you have control over him?

Once you are an adult a potential relationship with your boss may not necessarily have the same forbidden quality, but it is something you should consider very carefully as it could have long term consequences on both your careers.

Here we look at the pros and cons: You already have a strong shared interest – this is often why people develop feelings for their boss, there is a sense of teamwork and unity when you are pulling in the same direction and working for the same company.

Look beyond the physical act of sex with your boss and you'll see that power is at the heart of the relationship.

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With a background of working in medical laboratories and a love of the romance genre it's no surprise that Sue Mackay writes medical romance stories.But when you're involved with the boss, you may find your competence in question.Opportunities that come your way, successes you achieve, goals you meet and exceed -- all may be perceived as arising out of your special relationship with the boss and not your own hard work. And if you end up working for someone else in the same company, that person may be reluctant to believe that you've gotten to where you are based on merit alone.Additionally, most companies will not allow you to supervise your family members.The way a 'friend with benefits' is a tricky relationship to manage, an 'employee with benefits' is a liability to the boss who has exceeded the bounds of appropriate behavior and has opened himself up to charges of sexual harassment, even if the sex was consensual.

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