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[Read: How to rebuild trust after a betrayal]#8 Let them take control. It is what will let you know if you are ready to trust someone new or if you need more time for the trust to grow. Let them take you somewhere that you don’t know about. Let them go out for the night with their friends without checking in until they are home.

Instead of faltering over my inner conflict, I talked to my best friend.Just because whoever you are dating seems great does not mean your trust issues will disappear overnight.No matter how much you want them to, they just won’t.They may hide and fade for weeks at a time, but the second you see someone unknown pop up on your partner’s phone, your mind will jerk right back.#7 Be reasonable. If your new partner knows about them, you can talk about anything that is worrying you.Instead of having a flash of rage or unprovoked jealously you can be honest with your new partner.

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