Dating a man who is separated from his wife

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It wasn't that -- it's just hard for some to transition from wife and mother to single dating mom.

It was definitely a me issue and had nothing to do with wanting my ex back.

He did have an issue with it, however for some bizzare reason my papers kept getting lost or misplaced in the courthouse, my lawyer had to re-file twice, no lie.

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For again the sake of the youngest daughter I feel obligated to say sure.If you know you're moving out of the area in 6 months and want to have some casual fun, then fine. While the warnings from DCUM are valid, you should use them to inform your decision, not instead of making your own decision. He'd been separated almost three years, had separation agreement, and child custody and support agreements in place, filed tax returns separately for two years. I was seperated with divorce papers filed when I met my now DH. OP, he could be the greatest guy out there, but a mature person needs time to heal, learn what went wrong, including their part, and figure out who they are. Even between two amicable parties, divorce is gut wrenching.I was easy prey b/c my ex was so horrible to me..anybody with a smile and some compliments seemed like a prize.I was in counseling and had zero sexual feelings for my ex.

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