Dating a rich girl

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I'd guess her parents are worth around 10 mill but her grandparents have even more money.

They take me for supper all the time to expensive as hell restaurants and I feel almost embarrassed to be there.

Meanwhile her family will order me multiple appetisers, then an entree, multiple drinks, and dessert.

I think the biggest strain came when we would eat together.

For me, money was tight and the best way to stretch my college scholarship money was to cook meals in bulk.

Every once awhile she’d pick up the entirety of a bill that we were supposed to split but she always found a way to make sure I didn’t feel down about it. Her dad was a prominent lawyer, her mom a successful artist, and her uncle was a 1980's pop star. Yes they had a big ass old house and drove quality (not overly flashy) cars.

I don’t think she ever once bought me an expensive gift. Yes they had whatever they wanted but not at all in a "look at me" type way. I mean in the early 90's grunge was a blessing for me because I looked like that already.

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