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Job seekers can filter job listings by type, years of experience required, location and wages, and read company reviews.Indeed aggregates data from all those job listings to compile monthly job trends, including a snapshot of the transportation industry employment.Trucking industry boards face competition from big players such as Glassdoor and, generalist job sites whose biggest advantage is the sheer quantity of driver job openings they list.Some treat job board giants like frenemies – competing, but allowing the bigger boards to re-list jobs posted on their respective sites.

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Listings include about 650 local, non-over-the-road, or OTR jobs, of which 150 are entry-level paying .50 to an hour with no experience required.

Gary’s also has 7,994 drivers in its driver database.

Related services: Carriers can use Haney’s Safety as a Service driver management platform – a fancy name for an ATS – to recruit and onboard drivers, manage driver documents, and offer safety training videos.

Local job sites such as Gary’s continue to compete for local job postings with Craigslist.

The following are a handful of trucking industry job sites whose characteristics separate them from the pack in some way.

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