Dating and attraction tips

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Realize there’s always two different people with different needs, and yours is not any more or less important than theirs. When someone is excited about something, they show true happiness, and that is the most attractive quality of all. Don’t go searching for a mate if you’re not over your ex, or not feeling comfortable in your own skin – it will only lead to disaster, and you’ll end up attracting the wrong type of person.Find your passions, experience them, and share them – it’s the same thing as sharing the best parts of you. You owe it to yourself and to your potential mate to be emotionally whole before getting involved.

Kind, funny, interesting – when we think of our perfect partner, attraction isn’t always at the top of the list.

Keeping track of the things that are important to her shows that she is important to you.

No one likes to listen to a know-it-all who constantly launches into monologues and never lets someone else speak.

Our goal is to always be the best we can be, allowing ourselves to be proud of who we are, and being comfortable enough to cultivate and maintain a healthy relationship. No matter what the trends of the moment are, remember who you are trying to attract.

And while we’re all unique as individuals, there are some specific guidelines in which our individuality can be seen as attractive, no matter what it is. Women don’t need to go overboard with sexiness – they can show their sensuality without giving everything away at once. Having your own life, your own friends, your own adventures and your own career is an extremely attractive quality in either sex.

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