Dating and marriage in the dominican republic

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Dominicans are not only wise they are also fun loving!

Dancing is really in the blood of these passionate women.

She would be a great friend and lover to the one who gets her and will surely brighten up his life. This can take six months to a year, or even longer. citizen, your new spouse becomes your "immediate relative," and may receive a green card as soon as the two of you make it through the application process.Permanent residents cannot petition for fiancé(e)s. The application process for a green card based on marriage involves multiple steps, such as submitting forms and documents and attending an interview with U. This means your spouse submits paperwork to the NVC, and , a U. The notice you get from the NVC will give you instructions on what to do next. legally (such as on a fiancé or student visa or as a tourist), and either you are a U. citizen or your spouse is still in valid status, he or she may be able to apply to adjust status in the United States. The two of you will attend an interview at one of USCIS’s field offices.If your spouse happens to be living in a country other than the Dominican Republic, the consulate in that country would likely be the one to handle the case. Information about USCIS locations or service centers can be found at its website,

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