Dating antique glass bottles

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So, that begs the question: When was your Ball jar made?To answer that, compare the logo of your jar to those on this chart: You can also use other identifying marks to help date your jar.

Before molds were used to create a more uniform bottle, glass bottles were made entirely by hand by a skilled tradesman blowing air into a blob of hot glass attached to the end of a long pipe.

The words "federal law prohibits the sale or reuse of this bottle" appeared on bottles from the 1930s through the mid-1960s.

This phrase indicates the bottle is a liquor bottle.

Bottles designed for decorative purposes, or as special reissue editions from various liquid product companies, look much like bottle designs that are much older.

While the physical shape of the bottle is somewhat indicative of its age, other telltale signs are a bit more accurate for pinpointing its origin and production date.

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