Dating coca cola bottle openers

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You can find the old style coolers and new ones that work more efficiently than ever.

Instead of being something that only antique collectors can find, there are modern Coca Cola coolers for sale.

These antique Coca Cola cooler ice chests are still After the realization that soda would sell better if it was chilled, Coca Cola retailers wanted to figure out a way to keep them cold, even before the advent of electric coolers.

At first, it was done by using wooden barrel halves, which were filled with ice.

It is a larger sized cooler that weighs about 90 pounds, but it would look great in any game room, living room, or “man cave”.

As impossible as it may seem today, Coca-Cola did not originally intend to sell its products in bottles.

It is made from pressed steel and aluminum and it is guaranteed to resist rust and chips.

It states simply but beautifully “Drink Coca Cola in Bottles”. It has a bottle opener, easy to carry handles on the sides, and a drain valve for your convenience.

It also offers the traditional lift lid that was, at one time, found on the old style barrel coolers, but this is the rectangular box with four legs.

These barrels would have a wooden lid over them and on the sides would have the Coca Cola logo stenciled on them.

By 1929, Coca Cola released their own version of a cooler/vending machine.

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