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She gets dump, meets a playboy and rejects him only to find out his best friend will be dating said lady.

One group scene but it's a three some relationship but one is more greedy with her then the other.

And finally Deborah Meaden: “I’m going to make it really hard for you,” she warned.

After turning his back on the Dragons for a few minutes to deliberate, the M14 founder chose to accept a combined offer from Jenkins and Jones of £80,000 for 20 percent equity, giving the young startup a £400,000 pre-money valuation.

Says Peter Jones in a statement: “Following the offer that Nick and I made to John Kershaw from M14 in the Den he contacted us to ask if the terms of the deal could be re-negotiated, we explained that was not possible and so unfortunately the deal did not complete.

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When her boyfriend leaves her with dashed dreams and an empty space in her heart, she finds herself at a loss.Told here for the first time, Kershaw picks up the story: “Immediately after [the show] I’m whisked away by the production crew to a small room. The production crew take me to go meet Peter and Nick, and film the ‘first encounter after the Den.’ We have a bit of an on-camera conversation, then get a chance for an off-camera chat…Everyone is keen to get the deal completed fast.” The following day, the BBC passed the M14 Industries founder’s details onto Jenkins and Jones’ lawyers, and Kershaw doesn’t hear from the production crew again until months later when they call to fact check before broadcast.In my opinion the story-lines are steady and the characters had personality.I would recommend this book to pe I enjoyed this book, it also included as a bonus - various short stories.

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