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When it comes to their values, they are traditional in outlook, and trustworthy in practice.The main features of Lao women are their slender builds, a surprisingly nice, curvy figure, long black hair, smooth clear skin, and their entrancing and alluring eyes.

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The official and dominant language is Lao, though French is still commonly used in government, commerce and education.

She bought a house, but currently she has eight other family members living with her.

I live about 3.5 hours away, so when I visit it is usually for a weekend.

Also, related to this, always finish your can/shot. Also, depending on if her family is "hardcore" about drinking, you might get away with "I'm not feeling well."Each family/clan have their own rules about drinking, but a few good points/questions to ask: That's all I can think of at the moment.

Feel free to PM if you want more details/have any more questions, or if you want to ask my husband any questions.

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