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It was no secret that Jim was married to his soul mate as they were partners, companions, and best friends.His love as a husband spilled over into the love he had for his children, and he felt like the luckiest man in the world to become Pa Pa to the most amazing grandchildren.This work motivated Jim to fully apply himself to his studies as he did not want to have a career at the foundry.Not to be forgotten during this time was Jim’s introduction to the young woman with whom he would write a love story that would span nearly 50 years.While establishing his career, Jim and Lori continued to grow their family that eventually included their son Steve in January of 1969 and their daughter Kasey in September of 1972.In 1980, Jim and Lori opened their home to a Dutch exchange student, Karen, for one year.He was the only child in his family, and his childhood was anything but easy.

Those who remained stateside became familiar with rationing on common goods, manufacturing that was focused on supporting the war effort, and gathering around radios awaiting the latest news from the front lines.

Her name was Lori Lochowitz, and they met in the summer of 1962 back home in Racine as she was dating a friend.

Jim liked to give her a hard time because she attended Marquette University, with no football team, but it was a different story come basketball season.

He was there to give them a listening ear and had an intuitive understanding into what was going on in their lives.

Jim always wanted only the best for his children and he worked hard to provide them with more than he had as a child.

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