Dating japanese yen coins

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Modern Japanese coins are dated using the nengō system, which specifies the era name (emperor's reign) and year of the reign.

Determine the direction of the text by finding the character for the word "year" (see table below).

Take note of the other characters commonly on Japanese coins.

Similar to Ethiopia, the year can be calculated from the numbers found in Step 3 by the following rule: If a number is followed by a smaller number, add.

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This large oblong bronze 100 Mon coin of Japan, known as the Tempo Tsuho, was struck from 1835 to 1870, a period of transition in Japan from the long ruling Shoguns to the modernization of the Meiji Restoration.

It was one of the first coins of the Meiji Restoration.

The Meiji Restoration overthew the highly traditional and once powerful Shogun warlords and restored the Emperor as the center of the Japanese government.

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