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So why couldn't Drudge have just linked espressopundit?

If he's such a big damn believer in the new media "Manifesto," why is it so important to him to get the Old Media's imprimatur on a story before running it? Let me know what representations were made to you about what the memorial would be, and how you feel those promises have been born out. Seriously, if you think that this will create an avalanche in the MSM, well, I hope that you're right, but I think that you're dead wrong.

"It is significant that the spectrum of emotion in the memorial is expressed in light, not shadow.

Not material but sunlight, which is historically symbolic of optimism, something uplifting and hopeful.

Strangely, I haven't found any mention of the memorial in question anywhere yet. His predominant areas of interest appear to be black history and regional history.Later in the article: Jones has had to look carefully.Along with artists Maria and Matt Salenger, he has designed the Arizona 9/11 Memorial.45 It probably never occurred to any of them that their ideas might be in any way objectionable to the "common folk". Where does Donna Bird, whose husband died on 9/11 fit into all of this. "Because we're human beings and feel pain like anyone else, there was a political turn on the events, but I'm proud we have avoided that.48 Sorry for the error, I don't think that last professor was actually a history professor.However, this article should give you an idea of the people behind the memorial design: "The attacks gave America a sense of what the rest of the world is feeling, sometimes on a daily basis," architect Eddie Jones says.

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