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Being Chaitra masa, the Sun was at Mesha and so it could be at Krittika.

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Kish.28/17 tells that there was alternate sun-shine and shadowing by the clouds. Thus Bhadrapada was the month of pre-monsoon, that is before 21st June or Summer Solstice.Dasharatha's nakshatra appears to be Krittika. Valmiki has beautifully described the sky (Ayodhya 41/10), when Rama left for forest exile.He states, "Crux (Trishankhu), Mars, Jupiter and Mercury have cornered the Moon. Crux is on line with Hasta (Corvus) on the southern side. Calculations show that Jupiter was in Poorvashadha at 251 deg.He was coronated in the same month and one month later, proceeded to Ashokavan with Seeta (Uttar 41/18) when the Shishira Rutu terminated.So it seems that Vaishakha Masa coincided with Shishira.

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