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The first twelve string manufactured had a conventional twelve string setup. While Harrison's 12 string was the second one made, nonetheless, it had the distinction of being a prototype for all subsequent instruments as far as the manner in which they would be strung.

On Georges guitar, the octave counterparts to the four lower strings, were reversed with the octave strings occurring second in the string pairs. George Harrisons guitar had a crescent soundhole, triangle inlays, trapeze tailpiece, double white pickguards and black control knobs. This model is available in a reissue version, the model 360/12V64.

After all he never modified his other 325 (Miami) or 1996 (Rose, Morris) guitars to have that same pickup wiring.

There are few topics that hold the attention of avid Beatle fans more than the guitars played by the Fab Four in general, and by John Lennon in specific.

Whether Rickenbacker guitars would have had their great success without the Beatles is an interesting question about which we can only speculate.

A more valuable and interesting pursuit would be to explore the importance of Rickenbackers in the music We will never get a chance to know for sure out so lets drop the speculations here and now! In my opinion there has never been a Rickenbacker - Artist symbiosis like the one between John Lennon and his Rickenbacker 325. I hasten to remind you dear reader, that this is the story seen through my own eyes and the views expressed herein, should not be held up to the highest standard of scientific scrutiny. John had seen guitarist Jean "Toots" Thielemans, George Shearings Quintet, playing a Rickenbacker 325 in 1959. One day John and George went to Steinways in Hamburg (local research suggests that the guitar may have been acquired from the nearby Musikhaus Rothoff).

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I love the sound of it and the brilliant way where the machine heads fit so that even when youre drunk you can still know what string youre tuning."" - First one I ever saw was when Beatles were in Hamburg on their first trip and we went into the shop Steinways in Hamburg and I bought a Gibson amplifier and John bought that little Rickenbacker that, you know, became very well known through the Beatle concerts. I think hed just seen an album by a guy, Jean Thielemans, who used to be guitar player with "The George Shearing Quintet", and he had one of those Rickenbackers.Through the years he was using both Burns and Hofner type knobs.It seems he was either constantly losing them or perhaps could not decide which type were more appealing.Bill Beatty, who owns the music store "Beattys" in West City near Benton, Illinois recalls this event and is able to confirm that he spoke with the two men who sold George his Rickenbacker. He can be seen using the guitar in "Ready Steady Go", a TV-show broadcasted on October 4 1963 (now available on video-cassette). George Harrison appeared to be rather confused about the party from whom he received the gift.The store was Fentons Music Store in Mount Vernon, Illinois, and the man who claims to have been the one to sell it was "Tiny" Len Wymette. A further elaboration of this situation is discussed later in the article.

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