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I can only compare it with what I imagine life would be like when dating with children.There is that tricky dilemma of how much to talk about your dog on the first few dates, lest you appear to be a CDL (crazy dog lady, obviously).(On second thought, maybe don’t admit this one.) 3)Outdoorsy: Basically, you just spend a lot of time at the dog park.

) Disclaimer: These suggestions and tips are offered in jest.For example, on a fabulous date with a fellow dog lover, and not ready for the night to end?Suggest that he bring over his cock…er spaniel, for a little late-night play date.I’ve been trying to get back into dating, and recently, encouraged by my friends at Vetstreet, I took a chance with some online sites, specifically those geared toward pet lovers like myself.My Pugs are part of the family, and any man who wants to get serious about me also needs to be serious about my dogs. Most online dating sites allow users to set up a profile and browse for free, which makes it easy to see what’s out there; a site specifically geared toward pet owners is a good way to search for potential partners who understand your commitment to your furry companions.

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