Dating software

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The date is finalized when the other party confirms.Datum would not be best dating software for your online dating business if not for the UI features & in-app monetization features.Using our proprietary Application Performance Monitoring(APM) service, you can can easily monitor your app as well as detect and react to potential issues beforehand.By monitoring the app on a service/host/instance level - Our APM services ensure that your app is always on the top of its game.Our app containers are based on shared operating systems and microservice architecture.This makes it much more efficient in terms of system resource utilization and additionally, utilizes the server-worker model for super scale and performance.Most secure app infrastructure in the market where security extends from the mobile app to the API’s.Use of keychain in the i OS to store all credentials, SSL powered API’s, use of JWT for the API’s, reverse proxy setup on the load balancer, proguard on Android etc.

We use Elasticsearch as well to drastically increase the speed of querying & retrieving results from the databases Used for our admin panel.

If its is a physical date, users can specify a time & location.

If it is a virtual date, users can specify a time for their audio/video call.

This is how the web & app development industry refers to building a(n) social media/dating app/website similar to Tinder or another site.

Appscrip ensures that the entire design and code is built by our own team of designers and developers.

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