Dating the football team

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Germany's first championship title was even won in Switzerland in 1954.At that time the players were selected by the DFB, as there was no dedicated coach.Both have been absorbed along with their records by the current national team.The official name and code "Germany FR (FRG)" was shortened to "Germany (GER)" following the reunification in 1990.Eight years after the establishment of the German Football Association (DFB), the first official match of the Germany national football team Gottfried Fuchs scored a world record 10 goals for Germany in a 16–0 win against Russia at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm on 1 July, becoming the top scorer of the tournament; his international record was not surpassed until 2001 when Australia's Archie Thompson scored 13 goals in a 31–0 defeat of American Samoa.The first match after World War I in 1920, the first match after World War II in 1950 when Germany was still banned from most international competitions, and the first match in 1990 with former East German players were all against Switzerland as well.It sent their own team to the 1952 Summer Olympics and to the 1954 World Cup qualifiers.In 1957, Saarland acceded to the Federal Republic of Germany.

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West Germany, captained by Fritz Walter, met in the 1954 World Cup against Turkey, Yugoslavia and Austria.After a poor showing at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Sepp Herberger became coach.In 1937 he put together a squad which was soon nicknamed the Breslau Elf (the Breslau Eleven) in recognition of their 8–0 win over Denmark in the then German city of Breslau, Lower Silesia (now Wrocław, Poland).With recognition by FIFA and UEFA, the DFB maintained and continued the record of the pre-war team.Switzerland was once again the first team that played West Germany in 1950. The Saarland, under French control between 19, did not join French organisations, and was barred from participating in pan-German ones.

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