Dating ugly man

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Let’s be real, you’re not gonna be able to look like a babe-show your whole life and there’s comfort in knowing that even if you put on a bit of weight or let yourself go, he’ll still think you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Guys who don’t care what they look like are often more masculine.

If he’s ugly, chances are he hasn’t put in the effort to go to the gym or get a cool haircut or shave often.

Guys who skip these behaviors are probably more secure in themselves as men and that’s super attractive. The best part about dating an ugly guy is that you’ll feel 10 times hotter than you actually are, which will give you a ton of confidence.

This is a huge relief to you because now you don’t have to worry about any sex-hungry girls just using him for his body…he’s all yours for as long as you’ll have him.

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Then celebrate because, while it may not seem like it on the surface, you are going to have a much happier life than the hapless woman who snapped up the Adonis lookalike.

An ugly man is far more dangerous than his handsome counterpart when it comes to love.

While your cheating antenna are up when you date a gorgeous man, the ugly one charms his way under your defences.

They appreciate you more, because they know that they can’t just run out and replace you on a whim.

They are more willing to work on a relationship than to throw it away at the first sign of conflict.

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