Dating vintage car radios

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Blaupunkt Koln ATR de Luxe, AMAM/FM/SW/LW (Euro band). To further explain, the battery of some cars is grounded at the positive ( ) terminal, and some cars have their battery grounded to the negative (-) terminal.

This positive/negative ground convertibility allows the radio to work in both situations.

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In 1985 we began restoring instruments for ALL classic, antique, vintage cars.

Presently, we can rebuild and restore instruments, clocks, radios and gauges for almost any car dating from the earliest cars through the muscle car era.

Blaupunkt Koln ATR de Luxe, UKW Automatic (all-transistor) (5.00*). meaning that with very little effort, and a minor adjustment, the radio will work on either 6 volts or 12 volts in cars with the battery grounded at either the positive or the negative terminal.

It’s our goal to do the highest quality restoration and repair possible.

We started out doing only Corvette restoration work.

Information will be presented here about which Blaupunkt radios were offered by Porsche as factory accessories during the 356 and early 911/912 era.

Additional information will be presented on how to determine the age and year of manufacture of your Blaupunkt radio. These radios are the ones Porsche said it would offer as factory accessories, whether they ended up in your car or not is another matter.

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